Thursday, January 10, 2008


A team of four Hanover High math students has won a Regional Outstanding award from the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications. Another five HHS teams earned the Meritorious award, and three HHS teams were awarded Honorable Mention.. "This is the first year we won a Regional Outstanding," said math coach Greta Mills. "It's quite an honor, and all our teams added up to the strongest showing by HHS students yet!" HHS teams have entered the contest for four years.

270 teams from 48 schools competed in the Consortium's Tenth Annual High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling. All teams worked at their own schools during a 36-hour period in November, constructing solutions to one of two modeling problems offered by the Consortium.

The ratings are National Outstanding (4 schools this year), Regional Outstanding (16 schools), Meritorious, Honorable Mention and Successful Participant. Winners included public and private schools from across the USA and from Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Modeling requires students to take a real-world problem, quantify it mathematically, resolve the problem, and articulate the team's solution. This year students were asked to optimize the placement of smoke detectors in homes, or to determine the tipping point between renting a car or taking your personal car on a long trip.

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