Monday, March 24, 2008


Tim Winslow, the head coach of boys' basketball, writes: "Senior Casey Maue has been named MR. BASKETBALL NEW HAMPSHIRE. The title goes to only one male player in the whole state. The award is given for basketball skill, sportsmanship and academics. It is a terrific honor for Casey and our program."

Casey is straight-A student who placed in the top 5 percent nationally on the SAT exams. "He loves being a curious learner, he enjoys challenges and he wants people around him to be successful," said Winslow. The award was given in a ceremony at halftime of the New Hampshire Basketball Coaches Organization senior all-star games on March 17. The photo shows Casey with Coach Winslow.

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Monday, March 17, 2008


Leah Kohn, class of 2008, writes: Preparation for the annual Masterworks Concert had been underway since the beginning of the winter, and everyone rose to the challenge posed by a difficult repertoire and many snow days.

The Orchestra’s first notes were the brass fanfare which begins the energetic Light Cavalry Overture (von Suppe). The Orchestra then tackled the first movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 1, which calls for a great deal of musicality and precision from both the string and wind sections. The Footnotes, a 30-member auditioned choral group, performed "Like a Mighty Stream" (an American gospel song), "Cantique de Jean Racine" by Faure, and "The Battle of Jericho,” a spiritual.

The Woodwind Quintet, a student-organized and directed ensemble made up of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and French horn, presented three movements from Ferenc Farkas's "Early Hungarian Dances": "Intrada,” the lyrical "Chorea,” and the lively "Leaping Dance.”

The peak of the evening was Haydn's "Te Deum,” an intense 12-minute work presented jointly by the Chorus and Orchestra. This year the singers had the special opportunity to work with Louis Burkot, director of the Dartmouth Glee Club and Opera North, who led several rehearsals and conducted the performance.

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Math teacher Greta Mills writes: Pi Day Pie Sale is a three-year old tradition. We started it to raise money for T-shirts; then last year we donated it to the memorial fund for our late Industrial Arts teacher Dick Guyer, and this year we are hoping to fund jackets for the new Math Team members.

There are 30-35 students involved in Math Team this year. We spend activity period on Tuesdays working through practice problems and organizing for meets. In October over 300 students from area schools attended a meet we organized at HHS. Next year we may add in-school competitions to our agenda, so that other schools can solve math problems at their own schools and mail in their results.
The photo shows students at the fundraising sale in the Atrium and baking the pies the night before in the school cafeteria. Historical note: In the fall of 2000 the math team was resurrected with five members. Now we have grown to field 4 full teams with over 30 students involved, and have had great success at nearly every meet!

Coach Mills adds: Congratulations to the Hanover Math Team who placed SECOND (by 3 points!) at the State Math Contest on March 18 - despite being short a team member (they competed with 9 instead of 10 members).

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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Every other year HHS students travel to Costa Rica to learn about its natural history, its indigenous culture, and the environmental issues affecting its ecology. This year is the eighth time HHS science teacher Jeannie Kornfeld has traveled with students from her class and from the environmental science club. On boat rides they have seen the many blue plastic bags that the plantations leave floating in the river after they are used to cover growing bananas. Students also learn about the plantations' pesticide use. The trip furthers the students' understanding of environmental issues and a culture unlike their own. This year the trip is part of HHS's March Intensive.

The photo shows a baby silky anteater students saw on a trail in a forest in the spring of 2006.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ten HHS student musicians were selected at New England regional auditions and represented New Hampshire at the New England Music Festival in Bennington, VT on March 13 – 15. The Festival, founded in 1928, attracts high school students who want to participate in a professional-quality audition and performance. This year 1,800 students from six New England states auditioned for the Festival band, chorus and orchestra.

When Hanover High first sent students to auditions in 2002, one HHSer was selected. Each year increasing numbers of HHS students have auditioned and been chosen, leading up to this year’s ten. Dan Carroll (tuba), Miriam Fiering (oboe), Leah Kohn (bassoon), Aaron Watanabe (euphonium), and Jahn White (French horn) performed with the 120-member New England Festival Band. Molly Finlayson (violin), Rebecca Haynes (cello), Zach Sheets (piccolo), Atticus Wallace (viola), and Savannah Wallace (violin) showed their talents with the 105-member NE Festival Orchestra.

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Friday, March 7, 2008


Senior Travers Rhodes has won a Siemens Award for Advanced Placement based on his AP test scores. This award is given to only two students in each state (one male, one female) and reflects an exceptional dedication to scholarship.

Siemens, a worldwide electronics-manufacturing firm, awards scholarships for Advanced Placement each year to students with the greatest number of scores of 5 on Advanced Placement exams in fields such as biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science, environmental science and physics. Five is the highest score given by the College Board for AP exams.

In 2007 HHS Environmental Science teacher Jeannie Kornfeld also won a Siemens Prize for Advanced Placement teaching.
And here is the rest of it.

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Senior Ryan Collins from Etna, NH is an honor-roll student, a musician and a dedicated, energetic Council member who is committed to making HHS a better place for everyone. He has been particularly active in fine-tuning the Council's Academic Integrity initiative and community involvement in Study Circles on the same topic. (Council is the school's governing body made up of students, staff and community members.) Ryan is a panelist when we need one and an indefatigable tour guide for incoming students.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008


Eighty students in the HHS Concert Band presented Holst's "First Suite in E-flat" and Ticheli's "Shenandoah" at the annual performance in the auditorium on March 5. Curnow's "Three Colonial Ballads" and Smith's "The Great Locomotive Chase" were also featured.

The Wind Ensemble, an auditioned group of 25 student musicians, performed "Overture For Winds" by Charles Carter, "In Moonlight" by Claude Debussy, and the 3rd movement of Dello Joio's "Satiric Dances" for a comedy by Aristophanes. Above, students offer thank-you gifts to Band Director Norman Wolfe, in bow tie.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Jamie Horton, director of the production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar at the Hopkins Center in Hanover, spoke with 30 HHS students who had been to see the play the night before. Students and teachers from English and Latin classes asked the director about Shakespeare's text, Shakespeare's political philosophy, scenery design, casting women in men's roles, and the techniques of using blood onstage.

Horton is an Associate Professor of Theater at Dartmouth College. For 23 years he was a principal actor and director with the Denver Center Theatre Company. He is a graduate of Hanover High School where his son is now a senior.

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Monday, March 3, 2008


HHS Library Director Jessica Eakin doesn’t just buy new materials for the library – she produces them herself. She paints large acrylics reproducing the books’ covers to display in the library and the nearby computer lab. “I just pick what the kids are reading,” she says, “and whichever cover-designs I like.” The six paintings hang as a reminder of the books available in the all-new media center which opened as part of the renovated school in September 2006.

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