Monday, March 17, 2008


Math teacher Greta Mills writes: Pi Day Pie Sale is a three-year old tradition. We started it to raise money for T-shirts; then last year we donated it to the memorial fund for our late Industrial Arts teacher Dick Guyer, and this year we are hoping to fund jackets for the new Math Team members.

There are 30-35 students involved in Math Team this year. We spend activity period on Tuesdays working through practice problems and organizing for meets. In October over 300 students from area schools attended a meet we organized at HHS. Next year we may add in-school competitions to our agenda, so that other schools can solve math problems at their own schools and mail in their results.
The photo shows students at the fundraising sale in the Atrium and baking the pies the night before in the school cafeteria. Historical note: In the fall of 2000 the math team was resurrected with five members. Now we have grown to field 4 full teams with over 30 students involved, and have had great success at nearly every meet!

Coach Mills adds: Congratulations to the Hanover Math Team who placed SECOND (by 3 points!) at the State Math Contest on March 18 - despite being short a team member (they competed with 9 instead of 10 members).