Monday, February 4, 2008


Four HHS students represented Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at a mock presidential debate sponsored the Junior State of America and the Young Republicans Club. Students and Social Studies faculty asked the debaters to represent the candidates' opinions on immigration, the war in Iraq, energy policy and other issues. The audience voted on who they thought best represented their candidate. The results were as follows: Obama 57%, Clinton 24%, McCain and Huckabee 3%.
"This excellent debate shows how HHS prepares students to speak in public," said Social Studies chair Pam Miller. Ninth graders give speeches called Affirmation of Principles, sophomores take part in the Lillian Bailey recitation contest, and American History students defend their research papers under faculty and student questioning. In many other classes students present projects regularly, and students can volunteer to take part in annual contests such as recitation of foreign-language poetry.