Friday, November 7, 2008


Coach Greta Mills writes: Congratulations to Hanover High's math teams for their outstanding performance at the Oct. 30 Twin State Math League Meet at Woodstock High in Woodstock, VT! About 10 teams from Vermont and New Hampshire competed. HHS fielded an incomplete team (five students instead of six) in the Senior Division but we still placed first with 122 points! The second-place team earned 121 points, so it was a close contest. High Scorer: Senior Savannah Wallace with a perfect score. Congratulations also to seniors Anqi Ren (shown holding the trophy) and Kyle van Leer, junior Sucharita Jayanti, and sophomore Scout Wallace.

Our team in the Intermediate Division also placed first with 132 points. High scorers: freshmen Daniel Hernandez and Asie Makarova. Congratulations also to sophomores Isabelle Dietz, Xavier Stone, Thea Valence and Min Yu.

The meet has four categories, each 10 minutes in length. Calculators may be used on some categories, but all the tests use paper and pencil rather than computers. In the team category, team members work together and submit one team paper. Otherwise each category is made up of individual results.

Click "read more" for sample questions and answers.Sample Intermediate problem (9th and 10th grade): A rectangular solid has dimensions x, y, and z. Suppose x was increased by 10%, y was increased by 20%, and z was decreased by 30%, by what percent would the volume of the solid be increased or decreased? (Answer: a 7.6% decrease).

Sample Senior problem (11th and 12th grade): A pair of dice is rolled randomly. Find the probability that (a) the product of the dice is greater than 20 (Answer: 1/6) and (b) the product is a multiple of 3 (Answer: 5/9).