Monday, February 15, 2010


Seniors Heidi Katz and Kelsey Herrmann-Stanzel write: Our HHS dog-rescue club has been working for a year with CARA, a no-kill, non-profit animal shelter, located in in Jackson, Mississippi. Right now we are trying to get four dogs from the shelter adopted: Chloe, Alice, Shelby and Moby (the dogs in the pictures above). We have raised money for vaccinations for these dogs which lowers the cost of adopting them to $125. If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting a dog, please contact or
If you would like to adopt please contact us and also apply online:
To learn more about the dogs and the shelter you can read below, or check out the website:

CARA is a non profit "no-kill" animal rescue group in Jackson, MS that provides food, shelter and care for hundreds of abused, unwanted, and stray animals. CARA is operated by volunteers and part-time employees. The expenses for our programs and services are supported by private donations from individuals, businesses, & fund raising events throughout the year. We receive no funds from the city, county, state or federal government.

The shelter manager writes: Alice was pretty banged up when we got her, with the bad cut on her paw and having her shoulder sewed up. Shelby was so traumatized by whatever had happened to her, that she was afraid of everyone and everything, until she met Alice. They were so innocent even after all that they had gone through. They are sweethearts; all they want  is for someone to play with them and give them lots of love. They love  attention! Right now Alice is still in that gangly puppy stage, all puppy (half grown).She will make someone an excellent best friend.  Shelby is still a little reserved with strangers, but will make a great watch dog. Once you get her trust,you will see what a great pet she will make. Together,they can climb mountains!!
Although we never did got them housebroken, they are paper trained for the cold days , when we bring them in from the bad weather. They have never shown any signs of aggression in any way. They will share their food,I F they just absolutely have to !
When Shelby came here,she and Alice were best buddies from Day One. What a pair! They act more like sisters than anything else. One is not happy without the other one. Whichever one is left at home will whine until the other one is back again.What a reunion!! Please try and keep these two together.They have been through so much already, I would hate to break their heart again by separating them.
Moby and Chloe were rescued by a truck driver when they were 3 months old at by the side of the road where they had been dumped along with their sister, who has already been adopted. In March they will be around 2 years old. The shelter manager said they were very sweet and playful and got along with other dogs. They have had limited exposure to children and probably no exposure to cats.