Friday, March 19, 2010


"I’ve always loved physical activities, especially climbing. That’s why we signed up for this March Intensive course," said Bizzy Gow and Sam Finley, HHS freshmen. Richard Davis said, “I enjoy being able to see the sixth-graders climb to the top of one of the elements, and reach their goals. It’s also really funny to watch them fall of the beam,” held by safety ropes.

So far this week HHS freshmen have been able to climb different structures in the gym. They’ve done the inside giant swing, cargo net, climbing wall, high beam, and uneven beams. Each element brings up new skills in which students need to mentally and physically challenge themselves. One of Jenna Boillotat’s goals is to have fun even though she’s not in a group with her friends. Sam agrees, “My one and only goal this week is to have fun!”

For four days the ninth-graders belayed the ropes and helped sixth-graders from other schools reach their goals on the different climbing elements. HHS freshmen will take away several skills: the ability to work better with younger kids, and to learn to belay and climb better. Due to a recent arm injury Richard wasn’t able to help belay, but he’s documenting the adventure programming on film. He says he’ll be a lot better at taking videos by the end of the week and that would be a great skill to have.

“Adventure Programming” is a great learning experience for the ninth-graders and the sixth-graders involved. Richard says, “The ninth-graders need to be responsible, and sixth-graders look up to the ninth-graders, one, because they're shorter, and two, because they're younger.” Both Sam and Bizzy said they chose this March Intensive because outside of school they love to climb trees, rocks, mountains, and other physical activities like that. This March Intensive involves a lot of strength, focus and listening skills. It’s been a fun week for the people doing “Adventure Programming." It's been a very challenging week, taking a toll on everyone’s hands, but it was worth it to help out the sixth graders! Posted by Gen Bristol (story and photos) and Adrian Glouchevitch (video).