Thursday, April 29, 2010


Senior Dan Morrison writes: Ever wonder just who writes the articles you read on the HHS blog? Here is your chance to find out. During four days during March Intensive, seven students learned just what it takes to be a blogger. They learned skills in journalism, photo and video editing, and so much more. They all either learned new technological knowledge they held, or even shared some they already had, all to give the HHS blog a healthy sum of fresh stories ready to post day by day.

The group consisted of two seniors, one junior, and four freshmen, who came together and worked very hard. Whether it was working on longer stories about the March Intensive or of a single course, or making short videos using special effects just for fun, the group worked well, and gained a lot of useful knowledge, as well as keeping the blog stocked with new stories for at least two weeks. The instructors, Mr. Buck and Dr. Hair, both were excellent teacher, but they learned as much from the students about technology as the students learned form them about journalism. Now that there are seven trained bloggers in the school, Mr. Buck had better watch out -- he’s got competition. But without any doubt, the Blog will be featuring stories by the young bloggers for quite a while.