Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Carl Mehrbach, HHS physics teacher, writes: Over the last two years I have been able to completely replace all my old iMacs with the new Intel chip iMacs. This allows the physics classes to run Windows Platform programs and Mac OS X programs on the same machines. One of our most important programs is only Windows-based ("Interactive Physics," a simulation program, which allows students to model physics events, e.g. crashes, explosions, forces pulling carts, etc. and tabulate the physical data of the event). Without a grant from The Friends our program would not be even close to the high-tech one we currently run.

Jane Woods, Chorus Director, writes: The Music Department received a Friends grant this spring to update and expand its music technology. A new MacBook for the music studio will provide improved capability for digital recording of individual composition projects, student audition CDs and ensemble rehearsals and performances. A site license for Sibelius 5 notation software will allow Music Theory students and others working on independent projects access to an important tool for musical composition and arranging. The Friends have generously supported previous Sibelius purchases at the Richmond Middle School and the Marion Cross Elementary School, and now students K-12 will be able to use the same program.

Kathy Snyder, a parent of HHS students, serves on the board of The Friends of the Hanover/Norwich Schools. She writes: The Friends is a private non- profit organization that supports the enrichment of the educational programs of the Dresden School District. Founded in 1961 by a group of citizens including former Dartmouth President John Kemeny, The Friends have made over $370,000 available to the schools for a variety of projects. Contributions to The Friends are received in response to an Annual Appeal mailed to the Hanover/Norwich community each October. The Board currently consists of nine members with representation from both communities and there are two meetings each school year (October & March) to review proposals and award grants.

The current funding priority is for new and innovative projects that require seed money to get started. Teachers are encouraged to think of creative ways to enrich their curriculum and bring those requests to The Friends for funding consideration. The Friends will not fund a hardware or software request unless it is an unusual circumstance or is an integral part of a new project. Individual enrichment grants will also not be funded. Grants typically range from several hundred dollars to several thousand. Requests for proposals are sent to each school in September and January; proposals are typically due several weeks in advance of board meetings.

Teachers receiving support for a proposal are required to submit a report to The Friends upon completion of the project. New proposals from a past grant recipient will not be entertained until a report on the prior grant has been received.