Friday, June 13, 2008


Freshmen Emma Delaney and Holly Bernal explain: One level above playing video games is making your own. In the game we made in Ms Patten's class, you have 15 seconds to learn your secret identity from the screen before it disappears. Then you have to go to Moonbucks and answer questions from strangers you meet who may be friendly or hostile. Ready? Your name is Andrew Kelly, you are 24, visiting New York from Ireland, and you're in Moonbucks because you just visited a photoshoot nearby. You like playing football with your buddies and your favorite drink is an iced latte. Hope you remember all that, because in the cafe you meet a girl who asks, "So what brings you to New York?" We made five panels with different answers so you can answer right or wrong. We used the Scratch program. Just for illustration, click on the panel to read the screens.