Monday, September 8, 2008


Twenty-five HHS retirees representing hundreds of years of teaching experience met at their regular luncheon this July to share memories of students and the school. Some retired as recently as June 2008; some began teaching as early as the 1960s and retired years ago.

Chuck Bohi, an HHS history teacher from 1971 to 1998, continued the "hobby that got out of hand" which he began in the summers: photographing and chronicling trains and train stations of the Canadian West. He has written three books, and since his retirement he spent a term as a visiting scholar at Brandon University in Manitoba. Of his teaching years he said, "If you teach at HHS, you're surrounded by so many good people that you have to keep learning to keep your end up."

After Deena Romero, HHS's teacher of English as a Second Language, retired three years ago she visited the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea to find the very hotel where her mother was interned early in World War Two. In late 1930s Deena's parents left Germany and found jobs in the United Kingdom. When war came, foreigners were interned, men separately from women. The British investigated them while they were interned, and most were later released. Deena found the hotel where her mother had been confined in the Manx town of Port Erin, and stayed there as a guest. She even found her mother's alien registration card stamped "released" in the Manx National Heritage Library.

In the top photo, over 120 years of science-teaching experience: left to right, Warren DeMont, Mel Gitchell, Barbara Hirai, John Hutchins, Dick Murphy and Dale Rowe.