Saturday, December 20, 2008


Laraine Waters, chair of the HHS Foreign Language Department, writes: World language students from eight area high schools competed in the annual Poetry Recitation Contest at Hanover High School. Hanover High has hosted this event for thirty-five years, as closely as we can count. Students of French, Spanish, Latin and German recited poetry before panels of judges who were all native speakers or teachers of the language.

Eighty students attended from this year’s participating schools: Woodstock Union High School, Kearsarge High School, Kimball Union Academy, Lebanon High School, Mascoma High School, Rivendell Academy, Sharon Academy, Windsor High School. Another forty students from Hanover High took part.

Afterwards teachers from other schools made these comments. From Woodstock: "Congratulations to all of you again for your hard work in putting together another meaningful poetry contest for all of our language students. Our students all felt that their experience was very positive this year." From Lebanon: "The students definitely enjoyed themselves. It always makes me happy to see students having a good time with foreign languages!" From Kearsarge: "Thanks for the opportunity. I think it was really great for my students to do it."

Students were encouraged to listen to other recitations and applaud one another’s efforts, and to relax together over bagels and juice. World language teachers from the various schools also had a chance to re-acquaint or meet for the first time. Click "read more" for the list of winners.


French Beginners:
1st - Andrew Stimson/Rivendell
2nd - Christina Moreland/Rivendell
3rd - Deborah Hill/Kearsarge

French Intermediate:
1st - Catherine Chevers /KUA
2nd - Clara Gray/Woodstock
3rd - Amjad Maher Elmashala/Mascoma

Fr ench Advanced:
1st - Courtney Conner/Kearsarge
2nd - Anne Cravero/Hanover
3rd - Janine Bonnekoh/Mascoma

Latin Beginners:
1st - Linnea Harrold/Kearsarge
2nd - Gregory Brunette/Kearsarge
3nd - Clio Doyle/Hanover

Latin Intermediate:
1st - Diksha Gautham/Hanover
2nd - Charles Henahan/Lebanon
3rd- Isaac Dayno/KUA

Latin Advanced:
1st - Chris Jayne/Hanover
2nd - Skyler Patton/Hanover
3rd - Emily McGee/Kearsarge

Spanish Beginners:
1st - Rebecca Schwarz/HHS
2nd - Hannah Gorman/HHS
3rd - Molly Pierson/Rivendell

Spanish Intermediate:
1st - Philip Tosteson/HHS
2nd - Nicholas Bernold/HHS
3rd - Melanie Emerson/Rivendell

Spanish Advanced:
1st - Keegan Dufty/HHS
2nd - Erik Jurado /HHS
3rd - Alison Taylor/Lebanon

German (only Hanover High competed)
1st - Eva Sachsse
2nd - Rosalie Lipfert
2nd - Miriam Whittington

German Int: (all Hanover High)
1st - Nicholas Bernold
2nd - Jordan Hitchcock
3rd -Mariclaire Joseph

German Adv: (all Hanover High)
1st - Miranda Wozmak
2nd - Mark Whittington
3rd - Michael Tecca