Monday, January 5, 2009


Coach Bill Murphy writes: In the Fall Knowledge Master Open, Hanover placed 20th overall among 695 reporting schools from across the country. Hanover placed 5th among schools with enrollments of 500 to 1,000 students, and placed first in New England among 24 participating schools. This year's team was Zach Sheets, Nick Sinnott-Armstrong, Nick O'Leary, Aaron Watanabe, Phil Tosteson, Gabe Brisson, Will Smith and Asie Makarova. We seemed to be particularly strong in math and science.

The Knowledge Master Open describes itself as "a challenging, low-cost academic competition in which teams of students compete without leaving their own schools." High-school teams receive 200 curriculum-based multiple-choice questions on a CD and compete on a computer at their own schools. Teams may use pencils and paper but not books or calculators. The team gets the most points for correctness but faster answers get more bonus points. The fourteen topics range from American History and World History to Math, Physics, Biology, Fine Arts and Useless Trivia.

The Open began in 1983 with 72 schools. Now its two annual contests attract over 3,000 high schools and middle schools and 45,000 participants from the U.S. and several foreign lands.