Monday, February 9, 2009


Mike Tecca, class of 2009, writes: Students on Stage, a student-run acting company, performed "The Foreigner" on Feb. 12, 13, and 14 in the HHS auditorium.

Annie Cravero and I directed the cast of Peter McNally, Kenneth Jones, Dan Carr, Miranda Wozmak, Ethan Wilcox, Eric Mead, and Julia Coulter. The comedy is set in the Deep South where a boring English science-fiction magazine editor Charlie Baker (Peter) is brought to a bed and breakfast by his adventurous British officer friend Froggy Le Sueur (Eric) to help him get over his wife's sickness. Charlie just wants to be left alone, so Froggy tells everyone there that Charlie is a "foreigner" and can't speak or understand English. Of course in the Deep South people are excited by a foreigner's presence, so the locals staying in the bed and breakfast reveal their secrets to Charlie. The plot revolves around this relationship and creates a humorous mood around an ominous plot to destroy the bed and breakfast, and many other things once and for all.