Monday, March 23, 2009


In the March Intensive's Mind-Blowing Physics course, taught by Sally Hair and Dottie Cheever, students learned about topics in modern physics not typically included in high school classes, such as cosmology, particle physics, and relativity. Presentations were given by Sally Hair and visiting physicists from Dartmouth College. Students researched topics of particular interest -- black holes, quarks, and the life cycle of stars. The class recorded what they learned in a wiki (a special-purpose web site editable by any member of a group) and reported their findings to each other. You can read more about Mind-Blowing Physics and see what the students wrote in the class wiki by clicking here.

On the last day of the four-day class students traveled to the Bates Linear Accelerator in Middleton, Mass.

From top to bottom, the photos show HHS students and Prof. Tim Smith of Dartmouth with a section of the Linear Accelerator; a student presenting Einstein's formula to the class; Karen Dow, Associate Director of the Bates Lab, explaining the microwave generator; and the group in the Lab's electron-beam tunnel.