Friday, March 6, 2009


HHS's Council sponsors the Skip Bean award for a person or group in the school or community who furthers the purposes and ideals of a democratic school. The award for Nick Sinnott-Armstrong reads:

"We nominate Nick for the Skip Bean Democratic Citizen Award. For three years Nick has been on the committee which arranges the special set of short courses known as March Intensive. He has spent countless hours working on its database and webpage. Nick has the wonderful ability to understand exactly how technology works, and he uses his talents to help technologically-challenged people. He is very generous with his abilities. Nick’s brilliance and kindness makes him a person you want on your team. Nick is an excellent citizen and encourages the democratic process by his thoughtful participation. He is one of our best!"

This award is named in honor of Linwood H. (Skip) Bean, Jr., Associate Principal of Hanover High School from 1970 to 1997. Mr. Bean was a “founding father” of The Council and an outspoken advocate for and supporter of democracy at HHS. Any member of the school community may nominate someone at any time by writing a short statement for Council approval. The award-winner receives a bag of beans -- jelly, coffee, etc. -- and the statements about the winners are posted on the bulletin board and kept in an album.
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