Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ten Hanover High students submitted artworks to the AVA Gallery's First Annual "Best of the Upper Valley" 2009 High School Invitational (March 13-20). Hanover High students offered drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, films/videos, sculpture and poetry.

Four HHS students earned awards. Senior Markus Lithell received an honorable mention in drawing, and junior Will Russell an honorable mention in poetry. Junior Mateo Melendy won "Best Video" from The Doris Mollica Rotary Fund of the Lebanon Rotary Club. Senior Anna Schults received the "Best Poetry" award.

Students from 16 Upper Valley schools entered more than 100 images and poems. All of the works were nominated by the art faculties of the participating schools. The 11 local business sponsors included The Mascoma Savings Bank Foundation, Lake Sunapee Bank, the Greater Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, Trumbull-Nelson Construction, and Defiance Electric/Crossover Communications.

Will Russell's poem appears on the next page.

Weighting by Will Russell

Please lift this weight from me,
Before the night steals the light,
And I freeze beneath this tree.

And birds twittering in this sea,
This ocean of wood and white,
Please lift this weight from me.

Blood paints the snow’s glee,
At the loss of my heart’s might,
And I freeze beneath this tree.

To my friends, I rasp, I plea,
Forgive my blight, this plight,
Please lift this weight from me.

Tears to glass, till nothing I see
And I screech, I reach, I fight --
And I freeze beneath this tree.

I chopped, but too slow to flee,
And I suppose it’s only right,
No one lift this weight from me.
And I freeze beneath this tree.