Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Three HHS students traveled to Massachusetts to compete in Interscholastic Equestrian Association finals covering five New England states on April 5. Anna Johnson, class of 2011, placed seventh out of twenty-four riders in her class and "everyone rode well," says rider and team manager Mary Adelaide Brakenridge, class of 2008. She writes:

" At our competitions riders are randomly assigned horses provided by the hosting team, rather than bringing their own. This tests the riders' skill at assessing and handling the individual quirks of the horses they draw. It can be quite challenging to put in a good performance without having any prior knowledge of the horse! For jumping classes, riders are allowed two practice jumps on their assigned horses, but for 'flat' classes (without jumps), riders simply mount up and enter the show ring.

"Ten HHS students ride on our team, along with students from Richmond Middle School, Lebanon High School and others. We were organized last year through Dartmouth College's Community Riding Program. Our New England zone will host National Finals at the Big E in Springfield MA."
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