Friday, April 25, 2008


Council also named science teacher Dr. Sally Hair as Staff Member of the Month for April. The Council's administrative committee agreed with a recommendation that said: "I believe Dr. Hair deserves this recognition. Although I have never had the pleasure of being in her class, I believe Dr. Hair has shown admirable courage and leadership by voicing her concerns and offering a helping hand in regards to the incidents last June. I have yet to witness any other HHS staff member make an independent effort to reach out to the student body over this controversial issue in this way. So, Dr. Hair, thank you for your thoughts and good luck with the rest of the spring."

In June 2007 several students broke into school offices and stole final exams. Some students did not confess to their part in the cheating that followed. During a months-long public discussion Sally Hair wrote a letter to the school newspaper which said in part: "To those who were not involved in any sort of academic dishonesty, thank you for your hard work through all your years at Hanover High School. I am most worried about those of you who cheated but have not been honest about it. It may feel a lot easier to keep your mouth shut and hope no one notices you. This strategy may actually be successful in the short term.... You may get into the college you were hoping for. What worries me is the long term. I'm worried that you will go to college looking over your shoulder to see if anyone is watching you, as you may be doing now. You will not be able to forget what happened and you will always know.... Please know that adults in the school want to help you through this and no one wants to make it any harder than it already is... There will be short-term consequences and things may get worse before they get better. But they will get better."

The full letter is available from the Broadside newspaper at Hanover High. Council also named Bonnie Stebbins as Staff Member of the Month. Council is the elected body of students (the majority), staff and district residents which oversees school policy.