Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hanover High's class of 2007 earned a mean score of 602 on the Scholastic Achievement Test in Critical Reading, Guidance Director John McCracking told the Dresden School Board in a recent presentation. The mean reading score for all students in the nation was 502. In Math Hanover's 2007 graduates scored a mean of 600 compared to the national mean of 515, and in Writing the comparison was 595 compared to 494.

The top-scoring quarter of HHS students achieved a mean of 670 in Critical Reading compared to a 570 national mean for top-quarter students. These comparisons for the top quarter were 670 versus 590 in Math and 650 versus 560 in writing.

In the 2007 class 176 students or 89% took SAT exams. Eleven were commended by the National Merit Scholarship program. Eight were semi-finalists, eight were finalists, and one earned a National Merit Scholarship.

College acceptances and other data appear in the Guidance section of the HHS web site. Click "School Profile."

The data for the class of 2008 will appear this coming fall.