Thursday, May 22, 2008


Tom Pike, class of 2011, writes: Our science teacher Ms. Postans took a volunteer group of 10 students on a hike up Mount Cardigan for independent research. Before the trip the students were assigned a little bit of reading about a biome. A biome is a part of the biosphere defined by its climate and the types of wildlife that can survive there.

When climbing a mountain like this there are many biomes that can be seen as you pass through them. When we got to the biome that we had read about we had to stop the group and give a quick talk about the biome. Then we continued on to see the rest of the mountain. On this two-hour round trip we got to see the temperate forest biome, the boreal forest, and the arctic tundra at the summit. Mt Cardigan is in the town of Canaan, NH and is 3,100 feet high.