Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sarah McAndrew played a toccata by Katchaturian, juggler Logan Mills brought the sold-out house to its feet, and the guitar duo of Camille Shaffman and Emma Lumley played Camille's tune "Strength." The photos show the Faculty Chorus singing a song from "Rent" with new lyrics by Mr Falcone, and a string quartet of Alexandra Burkot, Rachel Finlayson, Molly Finlayson and Rebecca Haynes playing Joaquin Turina's "Prayer of the Bullfighter."

Andrew Beaubian, Jordan Hom, Tom Slater, and Xavier Stone played "Wolf" on guitar, organ and bass. Savannah and Scout Wallace, Logan Mills, Jake Van Leer played and sang "Just in Love," and GHOTI ( Sterling Alden, Parker Hatch, Will Kermond and Peter Kraus ) played "Susie Q." The MCs were Pat Doherty, Brendan Donahue and Ben Rimmer.