Friday, June 19, 2009


My name is Sarah Callaway, class of 2005. Hanover High taught me a lot of great skills that I continue to use, and ones that helped me at St. Lawrence University: time management, great writing skills and a strong work ethic. But I think the greatest thing that I learned at Hanover was how to look beyond the Upper Valley "bubble." The education that I received at Hanover and which I continued at St. Lawrence helped to push me in the direction of my next step in life. After graduating from St. Lawrence this past May, in August I am leaving for a year-long internship with Grassroot Soccer, Inc.

GrassrootSoccer is an organization that works to educate children in Africa about HIV/AIDS awareness, using soccer: soccer drills, games and team building activities. It is an amazing cause, and I am so excited for this internship. While I am still uncertain of what country I will be placed in (Zambia, South Africa or Malawi), or what work I will be doing exactly, I know that this will be a life-altering experience. I am beyond excited, but I am also overwhelmed by the hurdles which need to be crossed as well. As this is an unpaid internship, I hope to raise $12,000 to support myself for the year. This money will cover general expenditures as well as travel to and from Cape Town, South Africa. While this amount of money may be daunting, I am confident that I can reach my goal through the support of family, friends and other resources in the Upper Valley and beyond.

I would greatly appreciate any support that you can provide, be it well-wishes, contacts or suggestions of organizations and people to reach out to, or any advice that you may have about traveling abroad and working towards and AIDS/HIV free world. Even a small donation goes a long way. Also, please visit my blog too, to stay updated on my work and experiences ( You can also donate online through my blog site -- very secure).