Thursday, June 4, 2009


Industrial Technology teacher Dave Holloway writes: Students from Hanover, Thetford and Windsor joined together for a field trip to Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH last week to see world-renowned wood turners. The symposium, which was sponsored by the New Hampshire Guild of Woodworkers (, allowed the students to see various products being turned (the term used when a lathe is used to make the product). We saw bowls, candelabras, spinning tops of all sizes, and handles of all sorts being made by the experts. Among the 24 craftsmen demonstrating were Al Stirt,
whose work has been exhibited at the American Craft Museum and the White House Permanent Collection, and Mark St. Leger, currently on the faculty of art schools in Tennessee, North Carolina and New Jersey. The Guild organized a youth symposium for high-school students.

Since we have returned one student has made a white oak candelabra and is starting her second. The students from Hanover were Jordan Call, Kristian Grant, Kyle Castillo, Ines Kruger, Chris Washburn, Gabe Lambie, Gus Griffin and Tom Slater.